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10k Plan – Workout 3 of 61

I only had a slow two miles to go, and for some reason it felt like I was pulling a cart behind myself when I ran. I am considerably heavier from when I was running regularly, so I guess I was pulling along some extra weight. Probably the only difference between walking and running was my posture—the speed probably wouldn’t have tipped you off to the fact that I was running. Runkeeper was paused for the first half mile or so of my run before I noticed, so I ended up going about 2-1/2miles. I considered stopping when Runkeeper told me I went 1-1/2 miles since I knew that was actually a full 2, but I decided to give myself a little bonus mileage and run until the app told me to stop. It could only help me. Besides, I signed up for a challenge where I have to run 5 hours this month, so, that time counted. 

I was glad to have my run done in the morning and I really enjoyed the rest of that day—what a beautiful day! I felt proud of myself for having pushed myself out the door that morning when I could have pulled the covers up and kept on sleeping. My husband and I both graduated that afternoon, he with his Masters, me with my Bachelors. Such a relief to finally be done! 

The weekend felt so much more enjoyable without any homework due. I didn’t do much Sunday because my husband was working and I had the baby. It got up to 90 degrees so we really should have done more than go to the mall and out to dinner, but we didn’t. And that’s ok. I have to work next weekend so we’ll just have to sneak in some enjoyable times in the evenings after work. I wish it was beautiful like this every day (I really need to move south!). 

Happy Mothers Day!


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10K Plan. Workout 1 of 61.

I promised myself that when my coursework was done, I would start running again. I have had so much going on in my life, I quite literally have not been able to dedicate the time to running, even after purchasing a treadmill. I am not one for excuses though, so I am just putting it out there and moving on. I finished my last assignment of my undergrad degree this past Sunday, and so I set up a fresh goal in my RunKeeper app. I decided to go for the last comfortable distance I was at when I stopped running, which was about 5-6 miles typically. I signed up for the sub 60 minute 10k plan.

This past Saturday, my husband bought me a new pair of Mizunos since my pair had pretty much worn out. I was thankful, but for some reason it gave me a small level of anxiety knowing I needed to use them now that I had them. I suppose that anxiety was a great motivator! I failed my physical fitness test with the Air Force last month, which had never happened to me before. It was embarrassing and also a big wake-up call. I had never before experienced my body fail to do what I wanted it to do. But as I lifted myself up off the mat for sit-ups, and I felt my soft belly in between my thighs and my chest–I knew I was in trouble.

With all of that behind me now as well as coursework, I can focus some more of my energy on running again. The best thing is having my husband’s support. He called me up today to ask if I could get the baby from daycare so she didn’t have to wait for him to be done with his appointment. When I told him I was planning on running before leaving the base, he immediately changed back to picking the baby up so that I would have time to run. I appreciate that–him–so much.

It was the most beautiful evening when I crossed the street over to the track that I used to run all the time. I do miss this part of my old job–being given 3 hours of every workweek to exercise. It helped a lot, and I wish more employers saw the value in affording their employees time for fitness. Anywho…

One foot in front of the other. I didn’t know how well I would do. My body is much heavier than it was a couple of years ago, which makes it harder for my ankles and knees to carry me along. Thankfully, I did have those new sneaks, and they did a great job of absorbing the shock. I just had to carry these bones around the track about 4 times to make it two miles. I wasn’t quite to a mile and a half when I started talking myself out of finishing. But I finished that third lap and I pushed myself on, watching only the little bit of road just in front of me instead of looking out at what I had left. In my head I kept telling myself that it was OK that I wasn’t running fast–I was running. And eventually I would make it to goal. And I did.

Two miles. Done. Not a great time

1 of 61

Next time will hopefully be an improvement!