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10k Plan – Workout 3 of 61

I only had a slow two miles to go, and for some reason it felt like I was pulling a cart behind myself when I ran. I am considerably heavier from when I was running regularly, so I guess I was pulling along some extra weight. Probably the only difference between walking and running was my posture—the speed probably wouldn’t have tipped you off to the fact that I was running. Runkeeper was paused for the first half mile or so of my run before I noticed, so I ended up going about 2-1/2miles. I considered stopping when Runkeeper told me I went 1-1/2 miles since I knew that was actually a full 2, but I decided to give myself a little bonus mileage and run until the app told me to stop. It could only help me. Besides, I signed up for a challenge where I have to run 5 hours this month, so, that time counted. 

I was glad to have my run done in the morning and I really enjoyed the rest of that day—what a beautiful day! I felt proud of myself for having pushed myself out the door that morning when I could have pulled the covers up and kept on sleeping. My husband and I both graduated that afternoon, he with his Masters, me with my Bachelors. Such a relief to finally be done! 

The weekend felt so much more enjoyable without any homework due. I didn’t do much Sunday because my husband was working and I had the baby. It got up to 90 degrees so we really should have done more than go to the mall and out to dinner, but we didn’t. And that’s ok. I have to work next weekend so we’ll just have to sneak in some enjoyable times in the evenings after work. I wish it was beautiful like this every day (I really need to move south!). 

Happy Mothers Day!



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