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When it’s time to go

When it’s almost time to go, they’re going to remember you as a kitten. They’ll remember the little pet shop in the building underneath your manager’s office. They’ll remember finding you, a little stripey furball, and how they felt better holding you in the palms of their hands after having just quit their job.

They’ll remember your un-proportionately big ears and your clumsy kitten walk.

They’ll remember how you used to somehow jump on the roof of the house as a kitten, and how they’d panic, trying to get you down.

They’ll remember when you got out of the house and were lost for a week. How they put up signs with your picture on them, and how someone had found you and gave you back.

IMG_4320They’re going to remember that horrible week when you got into some kind of accident, how they nursed you back to health. How they layed with you for hours, stroking your fur, and cleaning up after you. How ultimately, you had to have surgery, but they had it done, so you could come back home.   IMG_4392

When it’s almost time to go, they’ll remember how you always slept at the foot of their bed, every night.

They’ll remember how you loved living in the woods, how you’d watch the critters running around (and sometimes catch them, too!).

When it’s almost time to go, you won’t feel like climbing up onto your favorite perch, and watch the birds pecking at insects. You won’t feel like batting the little plastic seal from the top of the milk jug around the kitchen anymore.

When it’s almost time to go, they’ll say sorry when they poke you with the little needle. Then they’ll scratch your chin really nice, and you’ll feel like purring, forgetting all about how much you hate shots.

They’ll have to prick your ears when it’s almost time to go, and it will hurt. But they will reward you with belly rubs and more treats than you ever got before. You’ll feel poorly, but they’ll get down on the floor and let you snuggle in their lap, even if it means they overcook their dinner.

When it’s almost time to go, you might fall asleep at the foot of the bed, but then change over to the little cushion they put on the floor for you, to make it easier on your tired legs.


When it’s almost time to go, they’ll buy food for you, and you’ll try to eat it, but you just won’t feel much like eating. You’ll feel really thirsty, and they’ll give you plenty of water, but it will never be enough.

When it’s almost time to go, they’ll go outside with you so you can feel the sun on your fur and the grass on your paws. They won’t feel upset if your come inside with dirty paws.IMG_2681

The birds will squwak and try to scare you away, but you won’t even notice.IMG_2684

They’ll let the little one give you a hug, when they usually don’t let her near you. They’ll tell her to give you as many treats as you would like, too. IMG_2666

When it’s almost time to go, they’re going to try to act normal, but you’ll know something isn’t the same. Your mama will cry more than she usually does, but you won’t realize her tears are for you.IMG_3378

When it’s time, they’ll put you in the car and drive you to the doctor. They’ll tell you you’re a good boy, and that it isn’t fair.

They’ll tell you it’s not your fault. They will tell you they are sorry, and they will cry.


They will thank you for being their friend.

When it’s time to go.