About the Happiest Mama on the Blog

Cheryl & RobHi there. So a little about me–I am a mother of two of the three children at home. One of my kiddos is pretty new, born June 2014. Her dad and I have been together for several years, married since 2014. Blending our families has been challenging, but we’re committed to this family. I adore every one of them.

I am happy to say that I completed my Bachelors in Communications spring of 2015 while working more than full time and giving birth in the last year. What I’m trying to say is–it was challenging! I am relieved to be done with that part of my education, to say the least. I am looking forward to giving the time back to my family that they have afforded me to devote to my schoolwork. Plus, now that it is done, I can blog more without the guilt!

Sometimes I run. I’d say I do it for fun, but I don’t. I don’t particularly enjoy it, as I usually find it boring.  I do it more for the challenge and because I want an efficient way to get and stay fit. I need to do this because I am also a military reservist and I have to pass a physical fitness test. Signing up for road races gives me additional motivation to keep running. I wish I had kept up with it during my pregnancy, but I didn’t so I’ll be starting all over again this summer, building up to a 5k and then longer distances.

I run for me. I learn for me. I write for me.
This blog is basically my commentary on whatever it is I am experiencing, reading, or witnessing.


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